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A European Ukraine is the ‘Clearest Possible Rejection’ of Putin’s Imperialism, Says Olaf Scholz

Speaking in Strasbourg, the German Chancellor made the case for a geopolitical, reformed and enlarged European Union.

A prosperous, democratic Ukraine fully anchored in the European project represents the “clearest possible rejection” to the “imperial, revisionist and illegal” policies pursued by President Vladimir Putin of Russia, said German Chancellor Olaf Scholz in a speech marking Europe Day.

“Ukrainians are paying with their lives for the delusion of their powerful neighbour,” Scholz said on Tuesday morning speaking before the European Parliament Strasbourg.

“None of us wants to go back to the time when the law of the jungle reigned in Europe, when smaller countries had to bow to larger ones, when freedom was a privilege of a few rather than a fundamental right of all.”

In his wide-ranging speech, Scholz mounted a resolute defence of the European Union as the most effective antidote against what he called “fantasies of great national power” and “imperialistic megalomania” that have tinged the continent’s history with bloodbath and destruction.

It is thanks to the EU, the Chancellor said, that war between member states has become “unimaginable.”

Source: euronews



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