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EU to Make Freight Transport More Sustainable

The European Commission (EC) on Tuesday proposed measures to make freight transport greener and more efficient.

In a statement, the EC said it was proposing improvements to rail infrastructure management, as well as offering stronger incentives for low-emission lorries, and better information on freight transport greenhouse gas emissions.

The EC proposed revising rules on weight, allowing additional weight for vehicles using zero-emission technologies.

It also proposed more efficient use of rail capacity to improve cross-border coordination, increase punctuality and reliability, and attract more freight companies to rail.

Better use of the network’s capacity will positively impact the cross-border services by enabling more frequent connections and earlier ticket booking, so that passengers will also be benefited, it said.

To encourage intermodal transport, whereby goods are moved using two or more transport modes, but with a standardized cargo unit, lorries, trailers and semitrailers will be allowed to carry extra weight, it added.

According to the EC, more than 50 percent of freight was carried by road in the European Union in 2020. The aim of the proposals is to increase efficiency within the sector in order to contribute to the target of cutting transport emissions by 90 percent by 2050, as set out in the European Green Deal.

The proposals will be considered by the European Parliament and the European Council. 



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