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25 people died at industrial enterprises and fields in Tajikistan

Last year, 25 people were killed at industrial enterprises in Tajikistan as a result of accidents and accidents, and another 46 were injured. This was announced by the head of the Service for State Supervision of Safe Work in Industry under the Government of Tajikistan, Sanat Rakhim, at a press conference in Dushanbe on February 1. According to him, the number of industrial accidents “is not much more than in 2021.”

“The main causes of accidents are the irresponsibility of engineers, non-compliance with safety requirements, incomplete on-the-job training by technical workers, lack of safety specialists, etc.,” said Sanat Rahim. He noted that the metallurgical and mining industries, various chemical enterprises and other underground and environmental works are considered potentially harmful.

At the disposal of Radio Ozodi was a list of industrial enterprises and fields where accidents were registered due to violations of safety regulations. Most of these cases occurred at joint Tajik-Chinese enterprises.

Sanat Rakhim, at a meeting with journalists, said that accidents were registered, in particular, in the Zarafshon JV, the Tajik-Chinese Mining and Industrial Company, Tajikhydroelectromontazh OJSC (TGEM), Anzob LLC JV, Talco Gold , companies “Obi shifobakhsh” and “Orien naft”.

The head of the Service for State Supervision of Safe Work in Industry noted that often the heads of some enterprises secretly negotiate with an employee injured in an accident in order to avoid punishment.

In the past, the media reported on some industrial accidents that resulted in serious injuries to residents. In February 2021, a piece of scrap metal fell on Dushanbe resident Siyovush Akobirshoev from the height of a 19-story building under construction and broke four toes. This house was built by the Yokut-2000 company, according to representatives of which, during the construction work, the object was surrounded by a protective tape, but Siyovush Akobirshoev crossed it.”

The injured Akobirshoev sued the developer. But he failed to receive compensation from “Yokut-2000” for the harm caused to his health. The court of the Shohmansur district of Dushanbe accused the engineer of the Yokut-2000 company of violating safety regulations and sentenced him to two years in prison, but immediately released him, applying the rule of the law “On Amnesty” to him in connection with the 30th anniversary of Tajikistan’s independence.

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