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Afghanistan colleges lose 70% of students

New Delhi: The recent restrictions on female education has severely affected the universities in Afghanistan.

According to a report in the Tolo News, enrollment has dropped by 60 to 70 percent in universities. Meanwhile, owners of educational centers and universities expressed concerns that if the situation continues like this, they would be forced to close their universities and other educational facilities.

“The Islamic Emirate should reopen the universities for the girls and prevent strict policies and allow the students to continue their education,” said a university instructor.

In early February, Afghanistan Deputy Foreign Minister Sher Mohammad Abas Stanekzai said that the Islamic Emirate will provide access to work and education to all citizens, particularly women and girls.

“Currently, the government of the Islamic Emirate wants to create work and even education opportunities for all Afghan sisters and brothers inside the country based on an Islamic format and Afghan tradition and Sharia. The work is underway in this regard, and we hope to fix it soon,” he added.

Taliban allows education for girls up to Class 6 on this condition

Drawing global criticism for putting a host of restrictions, including ban on education for women in Afghanistan, the ruling Taliban in January allowed girls to pursue primary education in government and private schools.

In a notification, the Taliban’s Ministry of education stated that it will now allow girls till sixth grade to continue their studies.

But the announcement comes with a condition. Taliban asked officials to open schools and education centres for girls below sixth grade and asked that all those attending classes should observe Islamic dressing.

Though the decision brings some cheer among girls in Afghanistan, the ban on women’s education in middle school and high school as well as restrictions from most jobs for females in the country remain effective.

Indefinite ban on university education for women

In December, the Taliban government cracked down on women’s education with the higher education ministry ordering an indefinite ban on university education for women in Afghanistan.

The regime has also banned girls from middle and high school, restricted women from most employment and even made it mandatory to wear head-to-toe clothing while stepping out in public.

Women are not allowed travel without a male relative and are also prevented from visiting parks and gyms.

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