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Artificial intelligence: how is it used in Tajikistan?

For our country, digitalization is not just a buzzword, it is backed by really working digital solutions. Thus, artificial intelligence technologies allow MegaFon Tajikistan to increase the speed of customer service. And today, robots not only answer phone calls, but also make them themselves.

AI – what is it for?

Chatbots and robots with artificial intelligence are assigned routine tasks. Large companies have millions of customers, and every day thousands of them (and sometimes tens of thousands) ask similar or completely identical questions, for example, about a new promotion. A person can also answer them, but the chatbot will do it faster, literally in seconds. In addition, he does not know fatigue.

MegaFon Tajikistan began to use this division of labor in 2019, when the Dono chat bot was launched. Every day he communicates with an average of 14 thousand subscribers. And people, freed from the routine, can at this time answer more complex questions from customers and solve those tasks that robots are not yet capable of. However, artificial intelligence allows machines to learn and become more and more like people.

When robots joke

This AI feature was used to create another robot. More precisely, even several who can speak in both male and female voices. They are engaged in so-called cold calls: they call customers, offering tariffs and Internet packages, taking into account the needs of each interlocutor.

Since its inception, the robots have analyzed thousands of real requests from MegaFon Tajikistan subscribers. We understood how to respond correctly to the phrases “I can’t talk now, call me later”, “Yes, I’m ready to talk”, “I want to connect this tariff”. Call back exactly at the appointed time or instantly connect the tariff you like. Even joking while talking. The “children” of artificial intelligence learn quickly to be on the same wavelength with any client.

Like his voice counterparts, Dono’s chatbot is constantly learning. And soon he will become even more intelligent and understanding. And along with such digital developments, the entire service of MegaFon Tajikistan is reaching a qualitatively new level.

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