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Canada Announces Bid for UN Human Rights Council Seat

Canada declared Tuesday that it will seek a seat on the UN Human Rights Council and champion several causes, including gender equality and environmental justice. 

Foreign Affairs Minister Melanie Joly made the announcement at a press conference in Ottawa.

Three spots are open, with candidates drawn from a grouping of 28 countries, including Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Greece had previously stated its intention to run for a seat. The election will take place in 2026 for the 2028-2030 term. 

The council is responsible for policing human rights violations such as the oppression of the Rohingya in Myanmar.

Joly said Canada has been a human rights advocate worldwide and wishes to push six main priorities as a member of the human rights council:

– Advancing equality for women and gays, as well as reproductive rights;

– Standing up and supporting those who are defenders of human rights in all countries;

– Countering those who try to subvert human rights online;

– Pushing for human rights for Indigenous groups, including those in Canada;

– Calling to account those who are on the UN Human Rights Council but do the exact opposite of their mandate and try to repress human rights

– Advancing environmental issues and justice globally.

The online protection priority is born from Canada’s participation in the Freedom Online Coalition, a group of 37 countries that “have committed to work together to support Internet freedom and protect fundamental human rights.”

Joly was also candid about Canada, admitting that when it comes to Indigenous peoples, it has not met its human rights obligations.

Source: Anadolu Agency



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