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Finnish Transport Union to Block Tesla Equiment to Sweden From Dec. 20

The Finnish Transport Workers’ Union (AKT) announced on Thursday that it would join strikes of Nordic transport unions in support of demands on U.S. automaker Tesla’s operations in Sweden.

According to their statement, Finnish dockworkers will cease loading Tesla equipment on their way to Sweden from Dec. 20. Announcements of support were given by Danish and Norwegian unions earlier this week while dockers and postal workers in Sweden have already begun supportive actions.

Members of the Swedish trade union IF Metall at Tesla workshops in Sweden have been on strike since October, protesting the company’s refusal to apply Nordic-style collective agreements on wages, working hours and holidays.

Tesla has refused to implement the Nordic approach and filed lawsuits against both the Swedish Transport Agency and the postal service.

Finnish AKT Chair Ismo Kokko said on Thursday that the Nordic transport unions stand united on this matter.

On Tuesday, Denmark’s largest trade union, 3F Transport union, announced a sympathy strike to support IF Metall and Swedish workers.

At the end of November, the European Transport Federation (ETF), which represents some four million transport employees in Europe, also gave its support to the Swedish strikers. ETF said that not only are rights in Sweden at stake, but also rights to collective agreements in general. 




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